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We empower industries and communities with the most accessible, robust and efficient IoT connectivity solution on the market.

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Minimum interference

Minimum interference and maximum reliability

mioty's patented Telegram Splitting technology enables the lowest packet error rates, even in a crowded spectrum, and operates without interference by other networks.

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency for worry-free operations

Our protocol combined with battery recovery periods enables the application of smaller batteries. With a power consumption of 17.8 μWh (end-point, 868 MHz) per message, mioty makes battery life of 20+ years a reality.

Unmatched scalability

Unmatched scalability and messaging capacity

mioty operates without interference through other networks or its own transmissions – enabling 1M+ devices per network and up to 1.5M messages per day.

Licence-free frequencies, private and flexible

mioty networks have a low barrier to entry, as our technology is compatible with most existing hardware. Each network is private, fully customised and does not require frequency licenses.

Future proof and hardware agnostic

mioty is already compliant with the new ETSI Standard and is compatible with most hardware variants. This ensures your network investments are not locked down and can be scaled and adjusted with changing needs.

Best choice for mobility applications

Unrivalled accuracy and reliability allow mioty nodes to operate at speeds of up to 120kmh at full performance.

Together with our founding members Diehl, ifm, Fraunhofer, Texas Instruments, Ragsol, STACKFORCE and WIKA we have created a community across the entire value chain of IoT.

The mioty alliance has a simple goal: To enable the most accessible, robust and efficient Massive IoT connectivity solution 
on the market.

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