Industrial IoT

To harness the power of industry 4.0 you need robust IoT connectivity that can overcome the complex and often remote environments found in manufacturing, mining and oil and gas. With its unrivalled interference immunity and massive scalability, mioty provides access to previously inaccessible data that will help improve operational efficiencies, product quality and worker safety.

  • Process Monitoring: Optimize production processes remotely and monitor data like temperature, flow, pressure or filling level. Leverage the information of sensors to deliver alerts and automatically trigger appropriate maintenance procedures.
  • Predicitve Maintenance: Detect malfunctions of machines and equipment (e.g. via temperature, humidity vibration or noise) before they occur and receive specified recommendations for maintenance requirements.
  • Worker Safety: Mitigate and manage risk of lone workers. Send an alert or manual call for help in case of an emergency, whilst relaying the location of the injured person and ensure assistance arrives as fast as possible.