Smart City

Smart cities require a cost-effective, highly scalable network infrastructure to connect a massive, growing number of sensors today and in the future. Mioty’s extensive coverage, large system capacity and superior mobility make it the ideal for smart city applications like smart metering, waste management or infrastructure monitoring.

  • Smart Metering: Read your consumption meters remotely – from water and gas to thermal energy and electricity. Benefit from deep indoor penetration, battery efficiency and a high quality of service.
  • Leakage Detection: Identify water leaks or other liquids and gases quickly via sensor fusion and machine learning.
  • Smart Parking: Manage parking facilities and keep track of the number of cars in a lot, send notifications for open spaces and alert users when their parking time has expired.
  • Waste Management: Monitor the fill-level of containers and enable dynamic scheduling and routing of garbage trucks in city.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Monitor the health of public transportation infrastructure such as bridges and roadways. Initiate alerts for critical events if threshold values exceeded.