MIOTY sets new standards with its high range and long battery life and offers numerous possibilities for optimizing various IOT applications. Mioty enables the industry of the future while being safe, cost effective and robust.

DIEHL METERING Backend Services and Data Infrastructure

The DIEHL METERING Backend is the perfect complement to the DIEHL METERING mioty Premium Gateway. Data transmitted by the gateway are securely processed and prepared. Representation of the data in the UI as well as secure connection to third party systems are part of the solution. The DIEHL METERING Backend also works with other gateways and is therefore the ideal solution for your IoT business.


  • backend data services

  • gateway management

  • API services

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service

  • operations

Technical Key Facts

  • multi tenant platform

  • highly scalable platform

  • API interface for all common cloud systems

  • flexible UI


  • DIEHL mioty Premium Gateway

This mioty product is a Research & Development Product

How can you acquire this mioty product?

Please contact the appropriate contact person or visit the provider's website.


Rafael Psiuk

Phone: +49 162 264 2105

E-Mail: rafael.psiuk@diehl.com