mioty certification

Welcome to the mioty alliance product certification page. This page allows you, as a manufacturer of mioty-compatible devices, to certify your device according to the mioty standard and receive a certification logo that you can use to promote your product.

By certifying your device, you will ensure that it meets the technical requirements and interoperability criteria of the mioty alliance, and that it is compatible with other certified products and services in the mioty ecosystem.

How Does it Work?

Product certification is a two-step process:

  • 1

    First, you need to sign a framework agreement with the mioty alliance, which defines the terms and conditions of the certification program and grants you access to the certification portal and tools.

  • 2
    Second, you can submit your product for certification under this framework agreement, by providing technical documentation, test results, and a declaration of conformity.

Once your product passes the certification review, you will receive a certification logo and a certificate that validate your product’s compliance with the mioty standard.

Please note that this certification does not replace other certifications such as CE, FCC, etc. You are still responsible for obtaining these certifications yourself.

Who can certify products at what cost

  • The certification process is open for everyone.
  • The mioty Alliance offers special conditions for members.

Full member

freeof charge

Associate member

3000per product


6000per product