The WiTTRA Network consist of the WiTTRA Unified Gateway, WiTTRA C{x}ameleon tag (our software-defined-hardware solution for the creation of Positioning Beacons, Mesh Routers, TrakSense360 and the MiotySense360) and a range of additional clip-on sensors and accessories. The WiTTRA network supports third-party mioty devices connected directly through the WiTTRA Unified Gateway.

WITTRA Unified Gateway

The combination of Wittra’s 6LoWPAN IP-based mesh network with mioty LPWAN (low power wide area network) in a single gateway provides a high volume of on-site sensor and 3D location data, along with long-range connectivity options for wide area network coverage. Each technology implements various spectrum spreading processes to ensure reliable data delivery even in the presence of radio interference. WITTRA’S Unified Gateway is a self-contained cloud gateway with cabled ethernet connectivity or cellular backhaul, which can be deployed to monitor assets through a cloud-based API. Fast to deploy and easy to use, delivering both sensor and 3D location data to the cloud service, and is based on open and secure standards.

The WiTTRA solution allows for all third-party mioty devices to join the WiTTRA infrastructure.


  • Self-contained cloud gateway

  • Cabled ethernet for connectivity

  • mioty and 6LoWPAN

  • Possible to add plug-ins using 40-pin GPIO interface

  • Certified, ready for field deployment

  • Open standards / protocols

  • Data is secured via HTTPS and DTLS

  • Easy to set up, easy to use

Technical Key Facts

  • Possible to add plug-ins using 40-pin GPIO interface

  • Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C, Environmental Rating IP51

  • Physical Interface Power: 2-pin Sealed Barrel Connector

  • Input Voltage Range 10—16 Volts DC

  • Maximum Input Power 2A @12V

  • Average Current Consumption 700mA @5V (Not including plug in modules)

  • SenseIT Radio Transmit Frequency 863 - 870 MHz (EU) or 902 - 928 MHz (US)

  • SenseIT Radio Transmit Power 20mW EIRP Max

  • SenseIT Data Transmission Rate 50kbps (as per IEEE 802.15.4g)

  • FOTA (Firmware over the air) update 2.4GHz and 868MHz (EU). Security HTTPS, DTLS

Compatible with

  • Vendor agnostic

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