The WiTTRA Network consist of the WiTTRA Unified Gateway, WiTTRA C{x}ameleon tag (our software-defined-hardware solution for the creation of Positioning Beacons, Mesh Routers, TrakSense360 and the MiotySense360) and a range of additional clip-on sensors and accessories. The WiTTRA network supports third-party mioty devices connected directly through the WiTTRA Unified Gateway.

WITTRA MiotySense360

The MiotySense360 is a small, wireless multi-function asset tracker with multiple built-in and click-on sensing capabilities that can function within mesh and star network topologies. The device allows you to collect both positioning and sensor data when present within the WiTTRA mesh network environment. When the device leaves the WiTTRA mesh network, only sensor data is transmitted utilising a LPWAN star network across distances up to 20km line-of-site. MiotySense360 offers long-range connectivity options for wide area network coverage needed for mass IoT deployments.

The WiTTRA solution allows for all third-party mioty devices to join the WiTTRA infrastructure.


  • Compact, rugged wireless MiotySense360

  • Sealed to IP67

  • Pre-certified, ready for field deployment

  • Secure

  • Easy to set up, easy to use

  • Rechargeable Tag battery provides months of life (usage dependent)

  • Accelerometer 3D MEMS 25Hz Sampling

  • Magnetometer 3D MEMS 20Hz Sampling

  • Temperature MEMS, Absolute Accuracy ±2°C

Technical Key Facts

  • Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C, Environmental Rating IP67

  • Protocols 6LoWPAN / mioty

  • Battery 360mAH LiPo Rechargeable

  • Maximum Input Power 100mA @5V (during battery charge)

  • Average Current Consumption 50uA. Sleep Current 11uA

  • Radio Transmit Frequency 863 - 870MHz (EU) or 902 - 928MHz (USA)

  • Radio Transmit Power 20mW EIRP max

  • Data Transmission Rate 50kbps (as per IEEE 802.15.4g)

  • 3D Positioning (6LoWPAN only) Vibration, Movement, Orientation, Tilt, Fall, Shock/impact, Temperature, + Other click-on sensors

  • Range 6LoWPAN mesh circa 4sq km, mioty LPWAN circa 20km line of site

Compatible with

  • Vendor agnostic

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