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We will be happy to support you with the integration to your application. WEPTECH elektronik offers the implementation of antenna design, system integration and prototype production all the way to RED certification.
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COUA-M is a low cost wireless RF module, based on TI CC1310 controller in the frequency range 868 MHz and an output power of up to+14 dBm. The module offers compact design, has a very low current consumption and is ideally suitable for battery driven applications. The COUA-M mioty stack offers bidirectional transmission. COUA-M development kits are available.

Technical Key Facts

  • hardware: TI CC1310

  • processor: Powerful 48-MHz Arm Cortex-M4F Microcontroller 32KB/80KB RAM

  • voltage range: 1.8 V to 3.8 V

  • power consumption: Rx: 5.8 mA; Tx at +14 dBm: 24.9 mA

  • output power: up to +14 dBm

  • small size (15 mm x 15 mm) for SMD mounting

  • UART interface

  • antenna pad/ u.Fl socket

  • mioty stack for bidirectional transmission


  • development kits

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