We will be happy to support you with the integration to your application. WEPTECH elektronik offers the implementation of antenna design, system integration and prototype production all the way to RED certification.

WEPTECH AVA mioty gateway

AVA is a bidirectional, low-cost gateway with the mioty Profiles EU0, EU1, EU2, US0 for usage in Europe and the US. AVA is easy to install. The Gateway can be connected to your local network via Ethernet. It offers a web interface that gives overview and insights into all available mioty traffic. It also contains rudimentary development implementations for mioty Application and Service Centers that allow you to configure your development sensors, decode their traffic, and forward their data via MQTT for easy evaluation. It is also possible to configure the gateway to connect to Application and Service Centers of your choice via BSSCI instead. AVA sample kits are available.

Technical Key Facts

  • Input frequency range (EU): 868 – 870 MHz

  • Input frequency range (US): 915 – 917 MHz

  • Tx power: 14 dBm

  • Sensitivity (EU1): < -135 dBm

  • Input Voltage: 5 V DC (USB-C)

  • Typical Input Current (EU1): aaprox. 900mA

  • Typical Input Current (EU2): approx. 1200 mA

  • Dimensions: 56 x 90 x 25 mm

  • Weight: 0,09 kg

  • Temperature range: 0-35C°

  • Humidity range: 20-80%


  • Sample kits


  • WEPTECH elektronik is specialized in wireless technologies and provides E²MS services for the development and production of predominantly radio assemblies and systems (E²MS - Electronics Engineering & Manufacturing Services)

  • Our core competencies cover the fields of Smart Metering, networking of objects in the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 via wireless protocols such as wireless M-Bus with Open Metering System (OMS), Thread, NB-IoT and mioty

This mioty product is available

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Sarah Nett

Phone: +49 6341 9255 520

E-Mail: sarah.nett@weptech.de