The mioty technology and its innovative telegram splitting enables an outstanding robustness and thus reliability of transmissions paired with massive scalability. It is a highly future-oriented and flexible solution for a countless number of use cases.

STACKFORCE mioty Training & Consulting

As a professional developer of embedded connectivity solutions with long-term experience, STACKFORCE provides hardware and technology independent training and consulting for all relevant wireless and low-power radio technologies, and most importantly for all mioty® related matters. Our support helps to understand the possibilities and limitations of mioty®, collect all relevant requirements, plan and design a system covering all parts of a complete network setup, implement a solution or to integrate into existing systems. Via hands-on workshops, online- or in-house trainings we help to reduce the ramp-up time for applying this new technology.


  • consultancy regarding all conceptual and technical matters

  • consultancy regarding the implementation of custom and use case specific solutions, or multi-protocol solutions

  • training regarding the implementation of mioty®, e.g. hands-on workshops, online- and in-house trainings

Key Facts

  • customized consulting and training services, fitting to the customer’s needs

  • manufacturer and technology independent, real consulting

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