The mioty technology and its innovative telegram splitting enables an outstanding robustness and thus reliability of transmissions paired with massive scalability. It is a highly future-oriented and flexible solution for a countless number of use cases.

STACKFORCE Development Services for mioty Software Implementation

As a professional developer of embedded connectivity solutions with long-term experience, STACKFORCE provides development services for all mioty® related software implementations and beyond. Our development services are for realizing individual solutions to match your requirements regarding your mioty® network to be established or extended. Since STACKFORCE is working in the field of low-power radio since 2002, and for instance developed the reference stack for LoRaWAN®, you can lean on expertise with different technologies, a good number of basic library elements and design patterns. In addition, due to our porting services around protocol stacks and other software, we are used to work with many different microcontrollers and transceiver platforms. Our development service offers can be pre-faced by training and consulting services and could be based on existing and well proven software resources, such as the mioty® stack for end point.


  • services around all phases of embedded software development for products

  • requirements analysis

  • feasibility study

  • specification

  • reference software / hardware design

  • implementation

  • porting & migration

  • test & verification for development and production

Technical Key Facts

  • customized development services, fitting to the customer’s needs

  • manufacturer and technology independent expertise and services

  • highly experienced regarding implementation and verification of protocols and low-power radio

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