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Sentinum offers IoT solutions, ranging from the development of own sensors to the implementation of intelligent web services for end users. We are specialised in energy-autonomous and wireless sensors based on energy-efficient LPWAN communication technologies such as mioty and offer scalable and affordable products.
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SENTINUM My.sentinum Smart Asset Management Webapp

The my.sentinum Asset Mangement web application is an integrated web app that is available together with the Apollon-Q, Apollon ZETA and Neptun sensors. The application can be used on any internet-enabled device without intervention in the local IT infrastructure and without installing any programs. This enables access to both real-time data and historical data. In addition, the applications also offer tools for managing the sensors and documenting the values. Furthermore, e-mail notifications can be set up when limit values are exceeded. Even the administration of many sensors at different locations is easily possible due to a simple hierarchical structure. We will be happy to provide you with a demo account.

Technical Key Facts

  • Map integration

  • E-Mail reporting when limit values are exceeded

  • Available on any internet-enabled device

  • No intervention in the IT infrastructure necessary (No installation of programmes necessary)

  • Archiving and documentation of the values

  • Hierarchical representation of building complexes, floors and rooms

  • Optimised display on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones

  • Administrator view for managing resources optionally available


  • Webapp

  • Up to 200 users

  • Unlimited assets

  • Unlimited Sensors

  • Management View (optional)

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