Sentinum offers IoT solutions, ranging from the development of own sensors to the implementation of intelligent web services for end users. We are specialised in energy-autonomous and wireless sensors based on energy-efficient LPWAN communication technologies such as mioty and offer scalable and affordable products.

SENTINUM Level Sensor Apollon-Q

The Apollon-Q series stands for wireless IoT level sensors with high-quality measurement results that are possible thanks to a unique complementary measurement principle. The sensor combines an optical measurement with a radar and can be used for level measurements of up to three metres. Whether lumped, liquid or bulk material, the devices of the Apollon-Q series deliver high-quality results and can be used for various applications in the field of level measurement for containers or in shafts and channels. Even in small containers, such as waste paper baskets, the sensor delivers reliable data. In addition to an optimised range and short measurement and transmission intervals, the product offers many advanced functionalities.

Technical Key Facts

  • Measurement Range: 2cm to 250cm

  • IP67 & UV stable housing

  • From -30°C up to 75°C

  • Dimensions: 119 x 54 x 33 mm

  • Provisioning over NFC

  • 3D Level Measurement with optical measurement principle & RADAR technology

  • Adjustable thresholds for measure and send behaviour

  • Opening & vandalism detection

  • 10 years battery life @ 48 measurements and 12 uplinks per day


  • Sensor

  • Non-replaceable batteries

  • Application Webapp (optional)

  • Available in optical only version and RADAR + optical version

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