Radiocrafts offers compact surface-mounted, high performance radio modules with embedded mioty protocol software which are pre-certified for operation under European (868 MHz) and US (915 MHz) regulations.


The RC1882CEF-MIOTY2 is a compact surface-mounted, high performance, autonomous radio module with the full mioty protocol stack embedded in the module. It is pre-certified for operation under European (868 MHz) and US (915 MHz) regulations. The module is customizable/programmable in just 100 lines of high-level C-code via Radiocrafts’ innovative and unique ICI framework, using an API to tailor the modules’ behavior to the customers’ unique requirements. The module is shielded and measures only 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.7 mm.

The mioty stack has the best-in-class reliability, scalability, blocking properties, and battery lifetime of all LPWANs today, and a range of 20 kilometres LoS due to the unique telegram splitting technology (ETSI TS 103 357). The RC1882CEF-MIOTY2 module has the lowest cost of ownership, is easy-to-use, requires low R&D investment, and is fully RF tested during production, for a proven quality and fast to market experience. It is based on an ultra-narrowband state-of-the-art radio with an output power of 14 dBm and a sensitivity of -129 dBm. The module supports ultralow power modes for battery operated systems. Radiocrafts also offers customization and design services for sensor integration, antenna design, battery and power management design, PCB design, end product certification, and more.

Technical Key Facts

  • compliant with ETSI TS 103 357 Low Throughput Network (LTN)

  • directly interface to any sensor/actuator via ICI framework

  • Massive IoT deployments, more than 1.5 millioin messages per day

  • long range and high reliability (20 km LoS)

  • ultra narrowband, high performance radio

  • high sensitivity and high selectivity (-129 dBm)

  • high blocking properties

  • completely shielded module

  • 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.7 mm compact module for SMD mounting

  • ultra low power modes for extended battery operation


  • full mioty protocol stack and application layer embedded in the module

  • pre-certified under European (868 MHz) and US (915 MHz) radio regulations

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