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Since 1997, we offer monitoring solutions for businesses across all industries and all sizes, from SMB to large enterprises. We believe monitoring plays a vital part in reducing humankind's consumption of resources. Our products help our customers optimize their IT, OT and IoT infrastructures, and reduce their energy consumption or emissions – for our future and our environment.
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PAESSLER PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor monitors your entire IT infrastructure. You have full insight into your devices’ and applications’ performance and availability to ensure that all business-critical components of your IT infrastructure run smoothly. PRTG is a powerful and easy to use solution, suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It monitors and visualizes all systems, devices, traffic and applications in your IT and beyond.

Key Facts

  • Vendor agnostic IT monitoring solution, customizable to your needs.

  • All features included in every license, no add-ons, no modules required.

  • Runs on Windows client and server operating systems.

  • Runs with current versions of common browsers for the PRTG web interface.

  • Runs on physical and virtual servers as well as in cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


  • Flexible and reliable alerts to get notified before any downtime occurs.

  • Agentless monitoring supporting all important technologies like SNMP, WMI, SSH, HTTP requests and many more.

  • Visualization: Real time maps and dashboards to display the status of all your IT components.

  • Multiple user interfaces: fully featured web interface and desktop app as well as apps for iOS and Android.

  • Monitor your bandwidth, data base, applications, servers, data center and many more.

Compatible with

  • Vendor agnostic

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