Since 1997, we offer monitoring solutions for businesses across all industries and all sizes, from SMB to large enterprises. We believe monitoring plays a vital part in reducing humankind's consumption of resources. Our products help our customers optimize their IT, OT and IoT infrastructures, and reduce their energy consumption or emissions – for our future and our environment.

PAESSLER Paessler Building Monitor

Paessler Building Monitor is a tailor-made solution for building state monitoring, covering the needs of modern, competitive asset management. The solution offers flexible integration of IoT sensors and third party systems in order to get the job done as fast as possible. The collected and visualized building data supports real estate asset man¬agers and other stakeholders in their planning security, in realizing cost savings and in optimizing resource consumption.

Key Facts

  • Vendor agnostic monitoring tool, customizable to your needs.

  • The cloud-native SaaS is fully managed by Paessler and runs on common cloud providers.

  • Secure integration and connectivity of IoT devices.

  • Push and pull methods to ingest.

  • Integration of third party services.

  • The platform supports multi-tenant architecture.


  • Easy and simple monitoring of all connected IoT devices.

  • Threshold-based alerting to get notified of status changes.

  • Common use cases as templates with relevant threshold recommendations.

  • Monitor the state of your building to prevent damage, realization of costs and resource savings.

  • Management View (optional)

Compatible with

  • Vendor agnostic

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