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MIROMICO miro EdgeCard mioty

The miro EdgeCard mPCIe mioty® Base Station Card is a full System-on-Module (SOM) that provides a plug-and-play solution for long-range and low-power wireless communication networks based on the mioty® standard. The Mini PCIe card exposes an network interface over USB 2.0 communication device class (CDC) to interface the mioty® Base Station Service Center Interface (BSSCI) data to a host processor.
Moreover, existing edge-level network devices can be upgraded to act as mioty® base station. Any host system capable of USB CDC is supported. Since the decoding of the mioty® telegrams is implemented on the card itself, the host CPU no longer requires high computational performance. The card is based on a high-performance Sitara processor running the mioty® base station core library and
implementing software-defined radio (SDR). The device may also be configured to act as a sub-GHz RF I/Q frontend, thus providing full flexibility to build customized solutions and to decode various wireless standards.
Further, the card embeds a RF frontend with an integrated Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and PA, reaching a TX output of up to +27 dBm and a sensitivity of down to -136 dBm.
As a versatile and performant all-in-one solution, the miro EdgeCard mioty® enables to build highperformance and certified mioty® gateway solutions. Due to its high processing capabilities of up to 3.5M mioty® telegrams per day, the miro EdgeCard mioty® is perfectly suited as base station for large scale IoT deployments.

Key Facts

  • Direct mioty® BSSCI interface via USB 2.0 CDC interface

  • TX power up to 27 dBm

  • Sensitivity down to -136 dBm

  • Processing of up to 3.5M mioty® telegrams per day

  • Based on powerful Sitara AM62x processor

  • ISM 868 MHz frequency band

  • Sub-GHz RF I/Q frontend

  • Decoding of various wireless protocols


  • Full mioty® base station on Mini PCIe card

  • Configurable as Sub-GHz RF I/Q frontend

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Compatible with

  • Any host featuring a standard Mini PCIe slot.

This mioty product is coming soon.

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E-Mail: paradise@miromico.ch