The mioty network is used to connect distribution network switch to detect status of distribution network switch. Meanwhile, the intelligent system of temperature and humidity sensors, water invasion sensors and various gas sensors can ensure the requirements of automatic distribution network environmental monitoring.

FRIENDCOM Intelligent Distribution Network Sensor

The intelligent integrated sensor monitoring equipment is designed to collect SF6 gas content, temperature and humidity, human body induction, access control and state of water invasion information in the environment of distribution room, and will send abnormal information to relevant IT system according to the preset threshold. The system then processes the data collected by the sensor and gives various action instructions. In addition to application in distribution room, the intelligent sensor equipment can also be used in the outdoor ring network cabinet, box-type substation, cable well,pole transformer and feeder switch.

Technical Key Facts

  • support massive sensors

  • many types of sensors

  • proven product, ready to be integrated

  • low power consumption

  • ease of use

  • field proven devices

  • universal software interface

  • high IP grade

  • stable product


  • MCU

  • sensor

  • wireless communication module

  • high-capacity batteries

  • low power design

  • electronic devices for longevity noodles

  • dust proof housing

  • central acquisition equipment and sensor node protocol

  • protocols for central acquisition equipment and other control systems

This mioty product is a Research & Development Product

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