MIOTY sets new standards with its high range and long battery life and offers numerous possibilities for optimizing various IOT applications. Mioty enables the industry of the future while being safe, cost effective and robust.


Diehl Metering empowers utilities and other industries with the most robust and efficient IoT connectivity solution on the market for maximum accessibility. The IZAR IoT GATEWAY Premium enables a bidirectional communication from and to IoT sensors for smart city as well as smart metering applications. With only one device and only one LPWAN antenna it is possible to support mioty®, mioty®4OMS, wM-Bus and LoRa® communication.

Technical Key Facts

  • Modular approach (IoT Gateway Base and up to 3 primary radio technologies)

  • 2-way to sensor / meter

  • Multi-User and Role Management

  • Remote firmware update

  • Localization (GPS, GLONAS, GALILEO)

  • Tertiary on-demand reading & alarming

  • Local and remote logging and monitoring (24/7)


  • The IZAR IoT GATEWAY Premium offers a way to handle radio telegrams from different LPWAN standards in a data encoding agnostic way. All telegrams are collected, filtered, processed and exported fully automatically, dynamically and securely to the selected head-end system.

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Rafael Psiuk

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