MIOTY sets new standards with its high range and long battery life and offers numerous possibilities for optimizing various IOT applications. Mioty enables the industry of the future while being safe, cost effective and robust.

DIEHL METERING IoT Network Implementation Service

The Implementation of your own network solution with Diehl Metering IoT Network Implementation Service. Your network implementation is definitely within reliable control when you choose Diehl Metering's service. After finishing and executing commonly the IoT Network Planning Service, Diehl Metering's IoT expert team would be pleased to be your helping hand when it comes to implementing and setting up the IoT network, they have planned for you.

Diehl Metering will support your team individually during the rollout of your IoT network development projects – e.g. by implementing on-site antenna solutions – and will ensure their correct functionality. Their teams take care to make sure that your planned network becomes reality and you can integrate your desired IoT services into it to derive the best possible benefit from them. They will manage for you site acquisitions, by obtaining suitable sites or enquiring at existing radio sites ; authorizations, meaning the handling of necessary government authority processes ; site planning and implementation. Diehl Metering will help you set up a future-oriented, bi-directional concept for your sites.

Key Facts

  • Site acquisition

  • All-inclusive approach

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Rafael Psiuk

Phone: +49 162 264 2105

E-Mail: rafael.psiuk@diehl.com