Thanks to their extensive experience in the development of radiofrequency circuits and antenna designs, Fraunhofer IIS is able to offer in-depth know-how in the field of wireless transmission. Especially in the field of telemetry technology, the institute is well positioned to help you develop the right telemetry system addressing your needs and to develop individual solutions to your problems.

FRAUNHOFER Support for Complementary Developments

Fraunhofer IIS offers support for the development of your own mioty system and therefore provides reference designs, useful documentation and accompanies you throughout the implementation process. Apart from that, the institute also offers complementary services connected to the usage of the mioty technology.

Fraunhofer IIS provides diverse localization solutions adapted to your specific requirements and therefore individual advice. Furthermore, the institute offers support in the combination of the mioty technologies with other complementary systems, increasing the benefits for the user. The combination of a mioty system with technologies like Energy Harvesting, which leads to a reduction of energy consumption, or the Magnolinq communication technology, which adds additional comfort in usage, can be of additional value.

After advising you on different possibilities, the institute then offers different test setups supporting you in the development and production process of your customized mioty system. Thanks to Fraunhofer IIS’ extensive technological and economic expertise, the institute is well positioned to help you develop the right telemetry system, adapted to your special requirements, and accompany you in all further matters connected to your mioty system.


  • localization solutions

  • combination with complementary technologies

  • implementation of new platforms

  • evaluation kits

  • test setups

Technical Key Facts

  • manufacturer independent

  • universally applicable

  • adaption to different technological requirements

This mioty product is a Research & Development Service

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