Comtac AG provides hard- and software, product development services with focus on wireless communication and as well smart wireless products. Based on wide range of platforms and technologies we are ready to “Miotyfy” your products and applications.

COMTAC mioty integration in enerchart

As complement to Comtac mioty devices Enerchart as a backend software solution provides presentation, as well as analysis and logging of acquired data and supervision- and control-functions. A variety of interfaces support connectivity to third party and superior system. Enerchart supports integration and management of mioty-devices and Gateways.

Technical Key Facts

  • Management of mioty sensor nodes and gateways

  • Payload decoding

  • Sensor data visualization in a flexible dash board

  • Data analysis and export

  • Alerting & control

  • Interfaces to external systems (Modbus TCP, OPC UA, BacNet....)

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Uwe Scholz

Phone: +41 52 647 30 30