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The VIORYTI GATE empowers industries and communities with the most robust and efficient IoT connectivity solution on the market for maximum accessibility. mioty's patented telegram splitting technology applies lowest packet error rates, enabling reliable operation even in a crowded spectrum with interference by other networks. Discover the power of mioty with our VIORYTI GATE AX1!

Technical Key Facts

  • Versions: 868 MHz, 434 MHz

  • Interfaces: Ethernet and LTE (in option)

  • External Power supply: AC 100...240V, 1.5A, 50-60Hz

  • Power connector: DC 12.0V 5.0A Max

  • Typical power consumption: 9W

  • Supported LPWAN: mioty band EU1, LoRa and wireless M-Bus mode T & C

  • Remote update

  • End-2-end encryption

  • CE certified

  • Bidirectional communication (mioty, LORA)

  • All-in-one multi-technology receiver for Smart City LPWAN infrastructure

  • Multi-tenant operation

  • Holistic multi-layer security architecture

  • Full 2-way capable (except wMbus & T&C)

  • Highest data availability

  • Capacity for up to 50.000 devices

  • Intelligent telegram filtering

  • Ethernet 10/100 MB/s

  • LTE Cat. 1 (with GNSS support)

  • Three external antenna ports

  • 868 MHz (mioty band EU1, LoRa and wireless M-Bus mode T & C)

  • White label customizations on request

  • Base Station Software with BSSCI Interface, others on request

  • Various hardware and interface configurations


  • Power adapter

  • Operational manual

  • mioty license

  • Antenna

Compatible with

  • mioty

  • Lora

  • LTE

  • wMBus

  • LAN interface

  • mPCIe interface

  • Dashboard

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