AST-X develops and industrializes future-proof hardware and software solutions in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, energy and electrical industry as well as IoT and Smart Solutions. With our development experience in the field of mioty, we also support you in optimizing and certifying your product ideas.

AST-X product qualification services

Many customers have applications in the mioty area, but often not the specific know-how to design and approve their product. AST-X can support with its expertise in development, certification and manufacturing as a service provider.

Technical Key Facts

  • Risk assessment of the product with regard to safety and health

  • Electromagnetic compatibility, legal and efficient use of the radio spectrum

  • Support in the definition and implementation of type tests to meet the essential requirements according to RED (e.g. EN 62368-1, EN 62311, ETSI 301489-1 and -3, ETSI 300220-1 and -2, ETSI TS 103357, …)

  • Support with the necessary documentation to obtain the test certificate from the Notified Body (certificate/approval)

  • Design support and HW development for combinations of different (radio) technologies with regard to approval


  • First contact with customer and product analysis

  • Creation of requirements for the planned test and approval

  • Support of practical tests in accredited laboratories

  • Design optimizations regarding to electro-magnetic interference suppression

  • Evaluation and submission of all necessary documents

  • Managing of the Certification process

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