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AGVOLUTION provides a revolutionary solution for assessing and adapting to regional environmental risks. Currently, AGVOLUTION IoT technologies can provide up to 1.5 million valuable data points per hectar of cultivated area on a daily basis.
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AGVOLUTION Climavi IoT Microclimate Sensors

CLIMAVI is a family of energy self-sufficient, high-precision, and competitive wireless sensors, which can be installed in an agricultural field, in the forest or in gardens. A few hours of sunlight are sufficient to ensure a stable power supply for days. CLIMAVI IoT-sensors transmit data every 15 minutes over several kilometers to a compact receiver station. The strongest asset of our product is the capability of measuring soil moisture and temperature, air humidity and temperature, ultrasonic wind speed and direction, precipitation, UV- and sunlight irradiation and climate gases like CO2 permanently and in a cost-efficient way. The complete microclimate data can be viewed in the user-friendly FARMALYZER app. Different data sources such as satellite data, ordinary weather forecasts, machine and soil data are merged automatically to further increase the reliability of the recommendations.


  • energy self-sufficient sensor node

  • air temperature, humidity & pressure on 2 heights

  • precipitation & rain fall

  • photoactive radiation & solar radiation

  • soil moisture & temperature in up to 4 depths

  • IoT Platform with MQTT & other standards (APP or API)

  • theft detection

  • wind speed & direction (optional)

  • gas concentration (optional)

Technical Key Facts

  • fully integrated energy harvesting system without batteries

  • worldwide & self-sufficient use without electricity - optional mobile phone network coverage

  • fully functional in harsh environments

  • blockchain-ready and secure sensor identification

  • app for iOS & Android

  • UART and I2C interfaces e.g. for GNSS module (optional)

  • API for data fusion with geo- and time-referenced data (optional)

  • EASY to use API-Playground (optional)

  • flexible on-demand data formatting for map-visualization via API (optional)

Related Products

  • optional: FARMALYZER environmental intelligence for climate-smart decision making (APP or API)


  • MQTT, HTTPS, LORAWAN and more

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Andreas Heckman

Phone: +49 551 27075944