mioty vs. LoRa

Who is the champion of Massive IoT applications?

mioty vs. LoRa

Who is the champion of Massive IoT applications?

A Comparative Study Report by

Discover the Future of Connectivity: Download the mioty Comparative Study Report!

Unlock the potential of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) with the in-depth analysis of two LPWAN-technologies: LoRa and mioty. These networks redefine long-range connectivity, boasting low power consumption and affordability.

This comprehensive mioty Comparative Study shows real-world measurements and theoretical analyses, showcasing the unparalleled performance of mioty over LoRa.

Urban areas demand high network capacity, and mioty delivers. With a staggering 44,000 packets per minute at a 1% packet loss rate, mioty offers 1100 times greater capacity. Even at the maximum robustness level, LoRa’s throughput can’t compete.

  • Capacity is about scalability. Field trials often miss this crucial point. The study reveals that deploying many devices can expose capacity limitations of other LPWAN-networks.

  • Interference is a reality, and mioty competes with unmatched robustness. In interference-heavy areas like urban environments, mioty’s communication range outshines LoRa’s.

  • For mobile applications, mioty stands out once more. It maintains effective communication even at speeds exceeding 160 km/h, while LoRa’s capabilities are limited to lower speeds.

  • Energy efficiency is a key factor, and mioty’s performance is noteworthy. Its extended battery life surpasses that of LoRa, offering over three times the longevity with the same battery.

Access the report today to uncover the objective insights into mioty’s strengths and optimize your understanding of LPWAN possibilities. Download now and elevate your connectivity strategies!

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