SWISSPHONE: Base station m.BASE for reliability and flexibility

July 11, 2023

Availability, reliability and flexibility were at the forefront of the development of the Swissphone mioty® base station. Swissphone therefore relied on mioty, the most reliable LPWAN-technology on the market, which is based on the patented telegram splitting method, for secure and robust information transmission. If, for example, tank levels are monitored via sensors, the good building and material penetration of the mioty® technology ensures a consistent connection. This means that the sensor value of the tank level can be transmitted securely to the base station and on to the IoT platform even under adverse conditions. This guarantees reliable monitoring of all application  areas, with critical situations being automatically detected and reported eliminating the need for manual monitoring.

For use in demanding environments, the mioty® base station m.BASE has a redundant power supply and emergency power options. The device also offers flexible configuration variants to cover almost all customer needs – from outdoor installation to network connection via computer networks or 5G.

As a long-standing manufacturer of alerting and critical incident management (CIM) solutions, Swissphone is supplementing its solution portfolio with the latest IoT technology. This closes the gap between the autonomous communication of sensors and the CIM platforms.

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