LORIOT: Network Management System for Massive IoT deployments

December 12, 2022

Today LORIOT, the Switzerland-based IoT company, announces the release of v8.0 of its Network Management solution. The major release, named “Hummingbird”, is the first hybrid system including mioty® service center capabilities next to the well-established LoRaWAN® Network Server. Hummingbird has been deployed across all Community Public Servers.

Langnau am Albis, Switzerland – 12.12.2022.LORIOT the IoT company enabling long-range IoT networks worldwide, announces the latest major release of version 8.0 of its Network Management System (NMS). Version 8 has already been deployed globally across LORIOT’s 12 Community Public Servers. The roll out on the 6 Professional Public Servers, including the deployed in the United Arab Emirates, will take place in the coming weeks, while the private servers will be updated in accordance with each customer.

Version 8 of LORIOT NMS, named after the peculiar Hummingbird bird, was developed to meet the growing demand for massive IoT deployments worldwide. It introduces significant features and performance upgrades on both the back-end and front-end of the server infrastructure and a redesigned User Interface based on the most recent UX best practices and built according to the cutting-edge micro-frontend architecture.

Main upgrades include scalability and performance improvements, new gateways supported, Datacake IoT platform integration, and passive roaming improvements. Hummingbird also includes the LoRaWAN® Roaming Hub, a centralized roaming service hosted, maintained, and operated by LORIOT that allows users and customers to extend their coverage by utilizing gateway connectivity from other LoRaWAN® networks both backed by LORIOT or by third parties, as well as share their gateway connectivity with others.

One of the most remarkable new features of v8.0 is the introduction of the mioty® service center. Next to the already operating LoRaWAN® Network Server, the version 8.0 will be the first release of the LORIOT Hybrid Network Management System that is able to set up and operate hybrid (using both LoRaWAN® and mioty® protocols) radio networks on a large scale.

The mioty capabilities will be only available as a premium feature in preview for private instances of the new LORIOT Hybrid Network Management System.

Gianni Zizzi, CTO at LORIOT commented“Hummingbird is the most ambitious release of our solution to date. We have worked using the latest technology in order to meet the demands of the market and our customers. New functionalities, a new UI for a more seamless user experience, and a strong focus on security remain pillars of our endeavor. I am extremely proud of my team’s efforts.”

“The IoT market is experiencing rapid growth with large-scale projects. We intended to provide our customers with additional flexibility through our Network Management System, which for the first time embraces a hybrid approach in terms of communication protocol by combining the promising mioty technology with the mature and well-established LoRaWAN. We strongly believe that this is a significant milestone for our company, and we are excited about the future.” added Julian Studer, CEO and Founder of LORIOT:

All the new features included with LORIOT Network Management System Hummingbird can be found in the official release note.

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