Diehl Metering: IZAR IoT Gateway compact

October 10, 2022

Discover the IZAR IoT GATEWAY Compact, an all-in-one multi-technology receiver for Smart Metering and Smart city infrastructure. Designed by Diehl Metering it enables cities to get the mioty® for Metering technology for low investment and operating costs, without exceeding the total cost of ownership.

It ensures an outstanding performance including the mioty®/mioty® for Metering technology, but also OMS/wireless M-Bus, and it is prepared for LoRaWAN® which later on can be activated via license upgrade. In addition to data collection for the smart metering world, it collects and transfers data of smart city sensors. This flexibility allows you to extend the range of possibilities for your fixed network.

The IZAR IoT GATEWAY Compact is capable of capturing up to 50,000 individual devices and receiving different types of radio telegrams through intelligent telegram filtering. This unique way of data acquisition is fundamental for the lower total cost of ownership. Furthermore, the extremely long radio range, of up to 11 km with mioty®/ mioty® for Metering, and the special capabilities for hard-to-read locations enable large areas to be covered with few receivers, which means lower investment and operating costs.

The high timeliness and granularity of data offered by IZAR IoT GATEWAY Compact helps utilities respond faster, especially in case of a leak, and gives them more visibility into what is happening in their network. A big step forward in the world of smart metering and at the same time an entry point for smart city applications.

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