WITTRA launches mioty Gateway

July 1, 2022

WiTTRA is proud to announce the launch of their ‘mioty portal’ along with the Wittra Unified Gateway, delivering open standards and a hybrid network topology within a single technology deployment.

The combination of Wittra’s 6LoWPAN IP-based mesh network with mioty LPWAN (low power wide area network) in a single gateway provides a high volume of on-site sensor and 3D location data, along with long-range connectivity options for wide area network coverage needed for mass IoT deployments. Each technology implements various spectrum spreading processes to ensure reliable data delivery even in the presence of radio interference. WITTRA’S Unified Gateway is a self-contained cloud gateway with cabled ethernet connectivity or with cellular backhaul, which can be deployed to monitor assets through a cloud-based API. It is fast to deploy and easy to use, delivering both sensor and 3D location data to the cloud service, and is based on open and secure standards.

In addition to WiTTRA’s own MiotySense360 sensor tag, the WiTTRA solution allows for all third-party mioty devices to join the WiTTRA infrastructure.

New Products & Features:

  • Unified Gateway: a new gateway that supports multiple protocol stacks simultaneously. Today, 6LoWPAN and mioty
  • MiotySense360: a new battery-powered sensor over mioty (long-range, low-power communication). Runs on the existing C{x}ameleon hardware
  • Support for third-party mioty devices (connected via the Wittra Unified Gateway)
  • More responsive position updates for WiTTRATrakSense360 devices (30sec while in motion)

Wittra Networks AB develops innovative technologies and solutions within IoT. Since its inception in 2012, Wittra has been able to secure a substantial portfolio of intellectual property rights linked to its innovations. The unique integrated, certified and secure solutions allow users to connect, communicate with and control their assets even in the toughest of environments. WiTTRA is the only IoT Infrastructure you will ever need to cover the vast majority of IoT use cases.

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