RADIOCRAFTS: mioty goes DigiKey!

March 10, 2022

Radiocrafts’ compact module RC1882CEF-MIOTY1 is the first ever shielded RF module with a complete mioty stack and is now available on DigiKey.

The Mioty technology and module offer many benefits including:

  • Best-in-class resistance to interference with Telegram Splitting, where data packets are split into sub-packets and sent at different times and frequencies. The sub-packets are then reassembled into complete messages at the gateway. Due to built-in redundancy, up to 50% of the sub-packets can be lost without losing information content.
  • Only LPWAN for massive IoT deployments – hundreds of thousands of devices sending more than 1.5 million data packets per day in one network (single gateway).
  • Long Range of 20 km line-of-sight, 5 km in urban environment
  • License free 868 MHz for Europe. 915 MHz for US / FCC
  • Very low power consumption – Mioty sub-packets have a very short airtime which allows for very low power battery operation.
  • Bi-directional communication – Allows for two-way communication enabling the gateway to send packets down to the end devices.
  • User can now reduce the outpower power setting – Allows for adaptive output power where the end device can reduce the output power in agreement with the gateway if the signal level is considered higher than required.
  • Pin compatible with other products from Radiocrafts
  • Shielded compact module – only 12.7 mm x 25.4 mm x 3.7 mm

You can also learn more by watching Radiocrafts’ Mioty webinar where they talked about the mioty module upgrades and benefits, suitable applications, the mioty alliance and ecosystem, field trials, upcoming product releases and more.

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