DIEHL METERING: Accurate and reliable water measuring

February 17, 2022

Specific to the metering industry, Diehl Metering requires with mioty highest technical performance when it comes to its use cases. Scalability, radio range, radio robustness and efficiency are the key.

The HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic is the metering base of a mioty for metering network. The meter ensures accurate and reliable water measuring, even when flows are very low or very high. Its robustness provides precise results over its entire lifetime. The HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic generates and transmits the total water volume, but also information about the household’s water network, such as leakages or reverse flows.

In a mioty for metering network, HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic can read-out fully-automatically via fixed network. Besides billing, the frequent data can be used for consumption monitoring which relies on a clear visualization of the water consumption per households. Thanks to real-time alarms, efficient water network monitoring and water loss management it’s possible to act quickly which reduces costs. The HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic is the first step for a sustainable water supply management.

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