WEPTECH × ResIOT: Convenient connection

December 15, 2021

ResIOT has implemented the mioty Service Center into his IoT platform. WEPTECHs AVA gateway has been one of the first base station that has been connected to it using standard BSSCI. In addition, ResIOT Merlin software has been properly installed on top of AVA, which means that WEPTECH AVA gateways are now fully integrated into ResIOT. Customers currently using AVA base stations connected to ResIOT will benefit in a smooth way from all the well-known functionalities available from the platform.

About ResIOT:

ResIOT® is designed for all LPWAN and IoT projects and can be used for free in a Cloud up to 15 devices or on-premises up to 5 devices with unlimited gateways or LoRaWAN® base stations.

About the AVA gateway:

AVA is a bidirectional, low cost gateway with the mioty® Profiles EU 0 EU 1 EU 2 US 0 for usage in Europe and the US. AVA is easy to install. The Gateway can be connected to your local network via Ethernet It offers a web interface that gives overview and insights into all available mioty® traffic.

It also contains rudimentary development implementations for mioty® Application and Service Centers that allow you to configure your development sensors, decode their traffic, and forward their data via MQTT for easy evaluation. It is also possible to configure the gateway to connect to Application and Service Centers of your choice via BSSCI instead.

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