RAGSOL × DIEHL METERING: Massive IoT for Upper-Austria

November 23, 2021

RAGSOL intends to build a mioty network in Upper Austria to cover the area of RAG Austria’s oil & gas fields. The idea for the collaborative project arose from the IoT technologies training organized by Diehl Metering (part of Diehl Metering’s IoT Network Planning Services). The initial network phase consists of two mioty® sites and enables the automation and digitization of selected RAG Austria AG’s oil fields and the realization of smart metering installations in the area of Vöcklabruck. The installed and newly developed DIEHL mioty compact gateway is the central component in the LPWAN network and is setting through this new standards with its high range and long battery lifetime. Prepared for bidirectional communication, the IZAR IoT GATEWAY Compact can manage up to 25,000 sensors at the same time and can be updated remotely. In addition to the gateway, Diehl Metering planned the network, planned and installed omni- and bidirectional antenna sites in cooperation with a subcontractor and provided its software solution IZAR. This software solution is an intelligent data-analytics platform with user-centric visualizations and insights from the collected sensor data, with the option to monitor and manage the network.

The mioty® network is a key communication technology for RAGSOL to apply sensors for the improved efficiency of oil & gas production. Thanks to this pilot, the integration of advanced metering and other use cases are now feasible in Upper-Austria.

Diehl Metering has already implemented many of successful Internet of Things projects, and was an integral part in developing mioty®. Our 25 years of experience in developing and optimizing remote metering systems for a wide range of customers helps us to advise, guide and support them to create a personal roadmap for a future-proof and fully-compliant IoT network.  In addition, Diehl Metering already offers connectivity trainings and services to utilities, cities and also industrial customers and will regularly expand its portfolio according to the customer needs. Therefore, Diehl Metering would enable you to plan and implement your network in a sustainable and efficient way.

RAGSOL is providing solutions to improve the efficiency of oil & gas fields worldwide. The holistic approach also considers high environmental standards. Thus, RAGSOL is able to manage valuable natural resources in a highly responsible and environmentally friendly way. The mioty technology will be an integral part of RAGSOL’s solution portfolio, in particular in remote areas where classic data communication technologies are not available or very expensive. Furthermore, a private mioty network enables companies to be independent from telecommunications providers and secures full control over the data flow.

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