STACKFORCE: 5 reasons for mioty

November 11, 2021

Modern Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies, such as mioty, are the means of choice when it comes to the cost-effective deployment of a large number of low-energy devices in an IoT ecosystem. Whether for Smart Industry, Smart City, Smart Logistics, Smart Farming or else, it is worth to take a closer look at the advantages of LPWAN technologies. In its blog article, STACKFORCE provides an overview about the typical and characteristic qualities of LPWAN technologies.


LPWAN technologies transmit data over a very long range. This alone is nothing new, but the ranges are now reached with an electric power in the Miliwatt range. The installation and operating costs are also low. This enables cost-effective, spatially distributed applications with low data volumes and low requirements to the quality of service (QoS), especially regarding latency.

With little effort, districts or entire communities will be equipped with only one radio cell. Examples of the use of LPWAN technologies in the smart city area are the management of parking spaces, the targeted control of streetlamps or the level monitoring of waste collection containers, such as glass or paper containers. In large-scale industrial plants, LPWAN technologies are used e. g. in process automation, and in environmental technology e. g. in flood protection.


The LPWAN technologies LoRaWAN® and Sigfox are complementary in terms of the technical and commercial approach and can be used easily and flexibly. While LoRaWAN® is an open system that allows you to set up your own networks and has a well grown ecosystem, sigfox offers the complete network to which every user can connect their devices including seamless roaming across borders. mioty® is the latest of the LPWAN technologies. A major advantage of the mioty technology is the higher transmission stability even under very difficult and disturbed channel conditions. mioty® is also popular for large IoT projects with a large number of network nodes.

All LPWAN technologies are characterized by high data security with various encryption systems and are therefore also suitable for the transmission of sensitive data. Which LPWAN technology is the right one for you depends on the respective application as well as technical and commercial requirements.

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