Fraunhofer IIS: And action!

September 16, 2021

When we call to mind again, the networking of objects in the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly important and the demand for connected IoT devices is growing rapidly – from the consumer sector to Industry 4.0. Until now there has been a lack of suitable, reliable communication that can transmit many thousands of data packets at the same time over one base station.

Every year, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft awards prizes for outstanding scientific achievements by its employees who solve application-oriented problems. This year the meeting took place as a digital event on the 5th of May and ran under the motto “Technological Sovereignty”. Mioty, with its founders, convinced the Fraunhofer Prize jury because it solves transmission difficulties in the fast growing Internet of Things and is already ready-for-market. Moreover, the jury highlighted aspects like the “consistent introduction of the new technology for connecting sensor networks with a large number of simple, battery-operated sensor nodes”.

To get ready for the big show at the award ceremony a mioty Video was made which shows the highlights and application examples of mioty as well as interviews of the developers.

If you want to take a look behind the film shoot with a highly motivated team in front of and behind the camera, watch this mioty – Behind the Scenes Video.

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