Mioty Class B offers new features

May 25, 2021

The latest addition of mioty Class B adds control functions to its spectrum. This is possible due to broadcast features. All actuators can be controlled by downlink or by multicast in a group of actuators. This gives the opportunity of new applications in the facility management: Windows can be opened and closed automatically, also the temperature of heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) can be controlled.

Class B is based on its two predecessors, added by battery-powered wireless actuators. It combines the advantages of conventional, wireless remote maintenance and control systems on the one hand, such as the broadcast mode of Zig-Bee or WiFi with the energy efficiency and high range of mioty on the other hand.

Through the connection to different cloud applications or the use of inexpensive base stations, Class B complements new or extended applications in Smart Building and for IoT in general.

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