LANSEN implementing mioty technology into existing wMBUS devices

April 22, 2021

LANSEN proudly announce successfully implementing mioty technology into existing wMBUS hardware.

An advantage with mioty technology is the possibility to use it in existing hardware with a standard FSK transmitter, thus a complete CE-certification is not typically needed for devices already working on the European 868-869 MHz band. This allows LANSEN to implement mioty into more devices and bring the technology to the market quicker. All this while still maintain LANSEN’s long battery life of 10 years due to the low power consumption of mioty technology.

With mioty, LANSEN have been able to increase the range by a factor 16 thanks to mioty’s technology. In addition, the packet error rate (PER) has decreased significantly since mioty has exceptional resistance against interference due to patented „telegram splitting“.

First out with mioty technology is LANSEN’s combined CO2/temperature/humidity device with optional sound and visual indications of bad indoor climate. This is LANSEN’s contribution to reducing the spread of COVID-19 indoors and assist in improving the indoor air quality.

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