Stadtwerke Garbsen: mioty for smart grids and smart cities

March 29, 2021

The demands on supply networks are increasing. In order to receive status data in real time in the future and to be able to recognize and react to control needs at an early stage, Stadtwerke Garbsen is relying on mioty technology as part of a pilot project to digitize its networks. For this purpose, they have also joined the mioty alliance.

"As a local and reliable infrastructure operator, we want to align our systems with the requirements of the coming years. mioty gives us the most powerful radio technology currently available on the market," explains Daniel Wolter, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Garbsen.

Stadtwerke Garbsen is currently testing the performance of mioty technology in a three-month test phase. In addition to the quality of the data processing, the reliability of the data transmission and the susceptibility of the devices to faults are being tested.

For more information, please click here (only available in German)

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