Fraunhofer IIS: mioty for farming

March 25, 2021

Our food supply is based on flexible, efficient and intelligent agriculture. Changes in climate, complex supply and distribution chains have increased the pressure on farmers using pesticides, fertilizers and water. To counteract this, Fraunhofer IIS is advancing the collection and analysis of sensor data using mioty technology in agriculture.

For this purpose, low-cost mioty sensor systems were inserted into the ground at various soil depths at several locations in the Bavarian vegetable growing region. They measure the fertility at different depths on-site and in real time. This allows farmers to irrigate and fertilize their land as needed.

Through the involvement of AGVOLUTION, the project benefits from both application know-how and relevant new sensor technology. The sensors supply local readings such as soil moisture and temperature, humidity & air temperature and rainfall measurement data. The high-resolution microclimate data feeds the unique environmental intelligence “FARMALYZER”. It helps rural and urban plant growers make climate-intelligent decisions.

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