SAF Tehnika: Exploring new possibilities with mioty

March 15, 2021

SAF Tehnika is a new member of the mioty alliance. Currently, the company is exploring the use of the mioty protocol for their wireless sensor system Aranet, aiming to provide an even more robust and reliable connection as well possibilities for dense deployments with many more sensors per base stations.

With Aranet, SAF Tehnika provides an end-to-end wireless IoT ecosystem. The complete solution consists of wireless sensors, a base station, and the Aranet Cloud. Each sensor transmits data to the Aranet base station over the 868 MHz or 920 MHz license free frequency bands. The Aranet base station is equipped with a storage for up to 10 years of data, a web server, LAN and WiFi connections. Additionally, the Aranet Cloud service allows multiple base station support for large scalability.

In the future, SAF Tehnika intends to use the mioty technology to further improve and expand its services and capabilities.

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