Wittra: Redefining the IoT landscape with mioty

February 18, 2021

Wittra has joined the mioty alliance. For Wittra, the addition of the mioty standard is an important element as they continue their journey redefining the IoT landscape. Their unique pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secured solutions enable users to collect, communicate with and control their assets even in the toughest of environments and long range, they take their customers directly to ‘proof of value’ with a pre-determined ROI.

To achieve this, Wittra offers a scalable, secure, and certified sensor and positioning network solution. They deliver ready-to-use low-power sensor tags, mesh-routers, and gateways as well as hardware, network and a cloud service that will give you high value data for monitoring, location, data storage, data analytics and application, and service creation.

The Wittra IoT solution is based on open standards and protocols from standard networks and components. In the future, this will also work with mioty: Wittra has a complete mioty network kit firmly in development, which will be launched after the summer.

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