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The mioty technology and its innovative telegram splitting enables an outstanding robustness and thus reliability of transmissions paired with massive scalability. It is a highly future-oriented and flexible solution for a countless number of use cases.
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STACKFORCE Dual-Stack mioty®+LoRaWAN® for end points

The STACKFORCE Dual-Stack mioty®+LoRaWAN® for end points implements two protocol stacks which can be switched easily via STACKFORCE Multi-Stack API during runtime. This Dual-Stack includes the protocol stacks of two Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies: The innovative and powerful technology mioty®, standardized by ETSI TS 103 357 and the popular and widespread technology LoRaWAN®. The stack itself supports hardware acceleration if applicable (hardware dependent), like AES de-/encryption. It can be obtained as an embedded software library for integration into your C/C++ application, but is also includes a serial interface that provides all API functions via a well-proven serial interface (including encryption for sensitive applications) with minimal overhead, for creating your own firmware image for modem-like use. The stack can easily be commissioned and configured and comes with support (depending on license package), maintenance and warranty by STACKFORCE. Of course, the stack can be customized to your very detailed needs upon request.


  • implementation of the mioty® technology

  • implementation of the LoRaWAN® technology

  • STACKFORCE Multi-Stack API

  • provided as a library for integration, but includes serial interface for modem operation

  • easy commissioning and configuration

  • support, maintenance and warranty included

  • customizable at any time

  • additional services for porting, migration and integration can be obtained at any time

Technical Key Facts

  • flexible API and interface for externalization of security and helper functions

  • well-formed Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

  • unified look-and-feel of API for multiple protocol stacks (Multi-Stack API)

  • all API functions available via well-proven serial interface with minimal overhead

  • support for basically any serial interface, like UART (default), SPI, I²C, … (hardware dependent)

  • for sensitive applications: AES encryption for serial interface

  • support of hardware acceleration (AES de-/encryption, CRC, …) (hardware dependent)

  • support of any type of non-volatile memory (EEPROM, Flash, MRAM, …) (hardware dependent)

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