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SENTINUM Air Quality Sensor Febris

The Febris sensor is a smart and wireless sensor for determining the air quality indoors. The sensor records the CO2 content in the air in ppm, as well as temperature, relative humidity and air pressure at regular intervals and warns acoustically via a buzzer and visually via bright LEDs if the specified limit value is exceeded. In addition, the data is transmitted at regular intervals via mioty. In this way, rooms or entire buildings can be efficiently monitored. Alternatively, the sensor can also be equipped with an additional VOC sensor. The sensor is powered by 4xAA cells, which are easily replaceable. With a simple double tap on the sensor, an immediate measurement can be triggered manually. Wall mounting is recommended. Alternatively, the sensor can also be placed on desks or cabinets.

Technical Key Facts

  • CO2 measurement in ppm

  • Temperature, relative humidity and air pressure

  • Dimension: 86 x 86 x 26 mm

  • Optical signal of the current air quality via integrated LEDs

  • Acoustic signal if the air quality exceeds a critical granular value

  • Adjustable thresholds

  • Autocalibration procedure of the CO2 sensor

  • 2 years battery life @ 288 measurements and 72 uplinks per day

  • Provisioning over NFC


  • Sensor

  • 4 x AA batteries (replaceable battery)

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