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MYTHINGS is a wireless IoT connectivity platform purpose-built for complex industrial and commercial sensor networks.
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MYTHINGS Rapid Prototyping Module

The MYTHINGSTM Click Board is a preconfigured transceiver based on a TDNext module leveraging the MIOTY wireless stack for robust, long range low-power wide area networks. It is compatible with the mikroBUS add-on board open standard, allowing you to develop sensor prototypes for fast, simple and flexible testing, deployment and scale of IoT networks. Leveraging a portfolio of more than 600 available mikroBUS click boardsTM, you can mix and match the MYTHINGS Click Board with relevant sensors, interfaces, displays, amplifiers, etc. to build a customized end node for your specific use case.

The MYTHINGS Wireless Click Board provides best-in-class data communication with long-range communication up to 15 km and high immunity against both inter- and intra-system interference in the license-free spectrum.

Technical Key Facts

  • FCC/ CE

  • Supports 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America)

  • Uses mikroBUSTM add-on board standard (open standard)

  • On-board modules: TD1207R (Europe) / TD1508 (North America)

  • AT command protocol for easy communication over UART

  • EU: 14 dBm output power, NAM: 24dBm (adjustable)

  • 50 x 25 mm compact size

  • SMA antenna connector

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Phil Skladowski

Phone: +1-647-956-1582