Project Description

MYTHINGS is a wireless IoT connectivity platform purpose-built for complex industrial and commercial sensor networks.
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Designed to simplify Proof-of-Concept planning and reduce time-to-market, the MYTHINGS Pilot Kit is a full IoT development kit that will help you create, program and test a MYTHINGS network for out-of-the-box LPWAN connectivity.


  • MYTHINGS Base Station: A robust IoT gateway leveraging the MIOTY wireless stack using the Advantech ARK-2250L industrial housing and running the powerful Intel Core i3/i5 processor. The MYTHINGS Base Station comes with built-in MYTHINGS Central software; an all-in-one platform for device on and off-boarding, cloud/backend integration, data monitoring, network troubleshooting and indoor localization.

  • Two MYTHINGS Smart Sensors: Self-contained, battery-powered multi-purpose sensors leveraging the mioty wireless stack. It can measure acceleration, temperature, humidity and GPS and its compact, portable design makes the MYTHINGS Smart Sensor ideal for a wide variety of industrial and commercial IoT applications, whether mobile or stationary.

  • An antenna

  • Accessory kit

  • User Guide

Technical Key Facts

  • Supports 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America)

  • Embedded acceleration, temperature, humidity, pressure and GPS sensors

  • Supports mobile data communication up to 120km/hr

  • Native cloud plug-ins for Azure, AWS and Cumulocity

  • Flexible, open interfaces including MQTT, REST and WebSocket

  • Built-in system configuration, network management and database

  • Output Power: 14 dBm (Europe), 20dBm (North America)

  • Integrated firewall, AES-128 network security layer, and TLS encryption for backend TCP/IP connection

  • 65 x 105 x 19 mm modular design

  • External antenna available; MCP connector for internal antenna options

  • Rechargeable battery with USB

  • Serial interface over USB

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