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MYTHINGS is a wireless IoT connectivity platform purpose-built for complex industrial and commercial sensor networks.
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MYTHINGS Base Station

The MYTHINGS Base Station is a robust IoT gateway leveraging the mioty wireless stack using the Advantech ARK-2250L industrial housing and running the powerful Intel Core i3/i5 processor.

The MYTHINGS Base Station comes with built-in MYTHINGS Central software; an all-in-one platform for device on and off-boarding, cloud/backend integration, data monitoring, network troubleshooting and indoor localization.

The MYTHINGS Base Station has the capacity to handle millions of messages a day from thousands of endpoints. In addition to a web-based user interface for management, it also offers built-in cloud integration as well as an MQTT interface for large-scale data collection and business analytics. It can additionally be configured with ease to enable data transfer and visualization on your on-premises IT systems and devices.


  • Advantech ARK-2250L gateway (fanless, Intel Core i3)

  • omni-directional antenna and magnetic mount

  • wireless receiver (software-defined radio)

  • filters depending on region

Technical Key Facts

  • supports 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America)

  • external FCC/CE software defined radio and filter

  • Ubuntu server operating system

  • ruggedized industrial design

  • mioty alliance compliant interface


  • MYTHINGS Central

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Phil Skladowski

Phone: +1-647-956-1582