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MIOTY sets new standards with its high range and long battery life and offers numerous possibilities for optimizing various IOT applications. Mioty enables the industry of the future while being safe, cost effective and robust.
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DIEHL METERING mioty Premium Gateway

The DIEHL METERING mioty Premium Gateway is the central component in your mioty network. The Premium Gateway can manage up to 25.000 connected mioty sensors and is preperad for bidirectional communication


  • Powerful CPU (industry standard)

  • Power adapter

  • Operation manual

  • mioty license

Technical Key Facts

  • mioty module connector compatible Smarty RF Rev 4b

  • Bidi enabled

  • Remote update

  • Up to 25.000 managed sensors

  • End-2-end encryption


  • DIEHL METERING Backend Services and Data Infrastructure

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  • DIEHL METERING IoT Compact Gateway (coming soon)

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How can you acquire this mioty product?

Please contact the appropriate contact person or visit the provider's website.


Martin Fuchs

Phone: +49 911 6424-880