MIOTY sets new standards with its high range and long battery life and offers numerous possibilities for optimizing various IOT applications. Mioty enables the industry of the future while being safe, cost effective and robust.


The IZAR IoT GATEWAY Compact is an all-in-one multi-technology receiver for LPWAN Smart Metering and Smart city infrastructures. It provides outstanding performance including OMS, wireless M-Bus, mioty® for metering technology and LoRaWAN®. In addition to readouts for the smart metering world, it is also able to collect and transfer data from smart city sensors. Being able to collect up to 50,000 devices, the IZAR IoT GATEWAY Compact reduces your total cost of ownership. Delivering radio performance up to 11 km and offering special capabilities for hard-to-read locations, it covers large areas with few receivers, resulting in lower investment and operating costs.


  • 868 MHz: wireless M-Bus, mioty® for metering

  • LoRaWAN® technology pre-installed

  • OMS, PRIOS, Real data

  • Integration of OMS compliant meters (for backward compatibility to installed metering devices)

  • Communication to software solutions via LAN and mobile networks (4G)

Technical Key Facts

  • Reads out IoT sensors for smart city and meters for smart metering

  • mioty® for metering extreme extended range reaching up to 11 km

  • mioty® for metering: lower TCO, less receivers & maintenance of installed base

  • Convenient for hard-to-read locations

  • LoRaWan® technology pre-installed, can be activated via license upgrade

  • T1/C1 modes with OMS

  • C2 prepared

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Compatible with

  • IZAR Software

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