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COMTAC LPN Modbus Bridge 230

Read out measurement data despite power failure?

In case of a power failure, the measuring devices are usually also affected and data transmission is no longer available. Due to the internal maintenance-free energy storage, the Modbus Bridge 230 can report the power failure and continue to read out measurement data for approx. 15 minutes and transmit it to your back-end. As soon as the mains voltage is available again, the energy storage is recharged and is ready for further monitoring, including the next mains failure.

Technical Key Facts

  • Modbus RTU Master with RS485 interface

  • Readout and transmission of up to 16 register blocks à 32 registers

  • 230VAC or 24VDC power supply input

  • Internal buffering to overcome voltage interruptions

  • Powerful antenna, external antenna connectable

  • mioty radio technology

  • Smart housing with hinged cover IP65

  • Simple assembly via mounting plate on a wall or on DIN rail

  • mioty radio technology

  • Push-in connection terminals

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